The Kid Inside Us

Apr 30, 2024 | CED_info

Roberto Ayala Perdomo


“The kid inside us” is a phrase that people in adulthood say to refer about how the spirit, joy, hope and careless from the childhood can still be part of our state of mind, relationships and in our behavior. It applies in every nation, in every social class, in every profession. But I think it’s even more true in those individuals practicing Clinical Engineering in every corner of the World.

Think about it. We can use very cool tools to check even cooler machines from all sizes, shapes and functions. They look like those strange apparatus that we saw in our favorite science fiction TV shows and movies, those same that we wanted to be part of. And when we do our job right, that we always do, we feel like our beloved comics superheroes after saving the day.

And we are kids again.

Sure, those of us that are proud members of the Baby Boom and X generations never dreamed of the type of toys and media that the kids of today have and enjoy. But, who cares? We’re the first to jump on a competitive video game challenge or be the first in line for the new superhero genre movie. No one can take that from our little kid inside.

Also, we can brag that our “toys” and “playing” is even cooler, because we are in that challenging and outer-space-like “playground” that is a healthcare institution, where our inside kid imagination let us take the challenges with enthusiasm and joy, something that our “citizens in peril”, the patients, are grateful for.

I’m absolutely confident that the work we do can inspire the next generation of Clinical Engineers if, by the use of toys that emulate medical devices, we can teach the little girls and boys the marvels that those devices can do, in a playful manner.

In Mexico we celebrate Kid’s Day on April 30th (internationally, from UN decree, is November 20th). So happy day to all the girls and boys out there, and to our kids inside as well. And let us be kids every day, because this World needs that.

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