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CED Training Videos – from World Health Organization (WHO) 4th Global Forum on Medical Devices, December 2018 or Global CE Day, October 21, 2018

Global Clinical Engineering Success Stories

Yadin David, USA

HTM in Africa

Ashenafi Hussein, Ethiopia
Working Group Africa Activities (7 countries)

Global CE-IT Best Practices

Elliot Sloane/Ricardo Silva, USA

Medical Devices to Achieve SDGs via CE

Adriana Velazquez, WHO/Switzerland

CED Health Technology Regulation Project Overview

Peter Grainger, Ireland

Achieving Global and Country Health Priorities through CE

Tom Judd, USA

CE and 3D printing: 3D4MED Lab

Stefania Marconi, Paolo Lago, Italy

High Reliability Tertiary Maternal Child Healthcare

Rahul Shah, MD, USA/Childrens National Health System

Improving Health Services Quality & Effectiveness

Rossana Rivas (Peru), Tobey Clark (USA)

Global mHealth - Extending Care Beyond the Four Walls

Brian Birch, USA/Kaiser Permanente


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