Training & Education

This section provides opportunities for learning and skills development that help professionals grow careers in the clinical engineering (CE) field. Healthcare technology management (HTM) and Innovation is a complex environment; therefore, in our motivation to improve the health and wellness of our communities, we are driven by the need to improve CE-HTM knowledge and skills.

IFMBE CED identifies both the Education - the foundation for the expected Body of Knowledge (BOK) - as well as the Training - the skills and experience framing the optimal Body of Practice (BOP) - that is needed for practitioners to continue to grow and excel in this demanding field.

The content highlighted here is intended to be health technology and engineering-oriented and to provide access to a growing number of CE-HTM-related Training and Education resources.

All training resources currently or to be provided, eg, HTM for Defibrillators, are purely educational but not a recommendation.


The coming CED eLearning Platform will have a format similar to our IFMBE HTA Division colleagues; see http://htad.ifmbe.org/training/.

Provided for CED now is the following list of Training videos. Click below to view all videos.



Our Plan: To identify the Undergraduate & Graduate & Certificate programs relevant to Global CE.

CED objectives in 2019:

1. Identify global programs on this website; and
2. Consider how to enhance the delivery of various relevant global Education programs.

Example listings can be found in BE Worldwide, eg, https://iambiomedical.com/education-3

CED wants to incorporate over time the WHO 2017 BE/CE Human Resources book listing of relevant Biomedical Engineering / Clinical Engineering (BE/CE) Education programs, see https://www.who.int/medical_devices/publications/hr_med_dev_bio-engineers/en/Appendix 2