Training & Education

This section provides opportunities for learning and skills development that help professionals grow careers in the clinical engineering (CE) field. Healthcare technology management (HTM) and Innovation is a complex environment; therefore, in our motivation to improve the health and wellness of our communities, we are driven by the need to improve CE-HTM knowledge and skills.

IFMBE CED identifies both the Education - the foundation for the expected Body of Knowledge (BOK) - as well as the Training - the skills and experience framing the optimal Body of Practice (BOP) - that is needed for practitioners to continue to grow and excel in this demanding field.

The content highlighted here is intended to be health technology and engineering-oriented and to provide access to a growing number of CE-HTM-related Training and Education resources.

All training resources currently or to be provided, eg, HTM for Defibrillators, are purely educational but not a recommendation.


  • The coming CED eLearning Platform will have a format similar to our IFMBE HTA Division colleagues; see

  • Provided for CED now is the following list of Training videos. Click below to view all videos.



Our Plan: To identify the Undergraduate & Graduate & Certificate programs relevant to Global CE.

CED objectives in 2019:

  1. Identify global programs on this website; and
  2. Consider how to enhance the delivery of various relevant global Education programs.

Example listings can be found in BE Worldwide, eg,

CED wants to incorporate over time the WHO 2017 BE/CE Human Resources book listing of relevant Biomedical Engineering / Clinical Engineering (BE/CE) Education programs, see Appendix 2