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Yadin David


  • Kallirroi Stavrianou (CED Secretariat, Journal Manager, UK/Greece)

  • Li Bin (China)

  • Dan Clark (UK)

  • Rossana Rivas (Peru)

  • Global CE Journal Editorial Team

Project Summary

Coordinate all CED-related publications, with focus on the gold open access Global CE Journal.

Key Objectives

  1. Present platform for scientific exchange and review of global CE-HTM best practices;
  2. Achieve consistent Journal publication schedule;
  3. Present and encourage publication opportunity for young CE professionals; and
  4. Reach publication credentialing as judged by listing on major directories and rating of impact factor.

Completed Milestones

  1. Full Editorial Board and 100 reviewers recruited so far; “an unpublished profession”;
  2. Published Issues: March & October, 2018 (you will have to register at no cost first).
  3. 2019: 2nd Issue if Vol 1 GlobalCE Journal has published. Getting a lot of content steadily now, need more reviewers. Now have a plug-in on the website, so that as soon as papers are accepted, they can be viewed on-line! There will be a first time Editors meeting in Rome; hope to incorporate Fred Hosea’s idea to interview the authors and make a Blog about this work in the month following its being published. The top 3 papers in each topic area in ICEHTMC (hosted by AIIC) will be highly considered for publication. This offer is made to all other CE societies around the world as well; the top 3 papers from national conferences will be considered for publication if submitted.

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