CE-HTM Internal Recognition


Tom Judd


  • Stefano Bergamasco (Italy)

  • Mario Castaneda (USA)

  • Andrea Garcia (Colombia)

  • Zheng Kun (China)

  • Luis Fernandez (Chile/Mexico) & Fabiola Martinez (Mexico)

Project Summary

Increase global CE-HTM recognition within the profession … with measurable internal impact.

Key Objectives

  1. Create CED website with desired resources* for global CE-HTM community;
  2. Provide targeted growth of Health Technology (HT) contacts - from 160 countries in 2018 to 200 in 2019;
  3. Continue the CED annual global Awards program;
  4. Manage all CED projects via Asana with Dashboard (via Secretariat Kallirroi Stavrianou);
  5. Conduct Global CE Summits in coordination with biennial CE-HTM global Congresses, to drive global CED agenda and projects.

Completed Milestones

  1. Enhanced Website launched in April 2019; several CED Social Media sites launched in June
  2. Growth to 200-country CED HT contacts to date;
  3. Global Awards in 2018; process to be finalized in July 2019 to notify winners to join us in Rome
  4. Secretariat in partnership with project leaders 2018-2019 project tracking
  5. CED conducted Global CE Summits in 2015, 2017, with plans for 2019 Summit in Rome on 20 October

Enhanced CED Website objectives:

  1. Increase the number of worldwide societies affiliated to IFMBE-CED;
  2. Increase the number of worldwide CE academic programs;
  3. Increase the number of attendees to the biennial ICEHTMC;
  4. Increase the participation of key stakeholders in CE initiatives/projects;
  5. Increase the number of CEs answering the international survey on Body of Knowledge (BOK)/Body of Practice (BOP); and
  6. Get media attention to content delivered by CED, various forms of Social Media, etc.