Medical Design In LRS & LMIC

Leandro Pecchia

Shauna Mullally (Canada)
Ashenafi Hussein (Africa WGAA)
Nicolas Pallikarakis (Greece)
Daton Medenue (Benin)
Arti Ahluwalia & Carmelo De Maria (Italy)

Project Summary

Connect ongoing, separately funded research projects to create a framework for CE resilient, open-access medical device design for LRS (Low Resource Setting) & LMIC (Low/Middle Income Countries) overcoming typical mismatches that diminish medical device effectiveness & safety; see https://platform.ubora-biomedical.org/projects.

Key Objectives

1. Support mobility and field studies aiming to collect / share /review evidence on medical devices and settings in LRS and LMICs;

2. Create a white paper/guideline on design of open access, resilient medical devices for LRS and LMICs;

3. Provide global training on this topic;

4.Promote European and Africa joint harmonization of related regulations regarding medical device design.

Completed Milestones

1. Facilitating the EU Parliament meeting Interest Group on Biomedical Engineering (EPIG BME), October 2018, where representatives from Europe, USA, Africa and Asia focused on (a) how to maximally profit form the BME community inputs while design the forthcoming European framework for research regarding design in LRS & LMIC, and (b) how to harmonize international regulation on medical devices and medical settings across these continents.

2. Assisting the Ubora Consortium on Device Design (from Europe & Africa) who presented at WHO’s 4GFMD in December.

3. Leandro organizing a Frugal Design for LRS workshop with Warwick University and Benin.

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