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Dear all,

I'm wondering if it might be good to form some kind of partnership with Cochrane.

Their evidence base could become a valuable component of HTA. Diagnostic and treatment modalities are becoming, simultaneously, more precise and more combinatory, so that more variables need to be taken into consideration in HTA and healthcare engineering.

I continue to advocate for an alliance between ECRI and Gartner so that emerging tecnologies can be assessed and plotted on a biomedical/IT hypecycle, to help decisionmakers have a wider HTA timeframe for assessing their options, especially where disruptive technologies may be on the 5-year horizon that will replace/displace existing systems.  Eg, smartphones with diagnostic attachments plus telehealth call centers and AI will be revolutionizing and decentralizing preventive care away from traditional hospitals and labs. At the very least, we might include relevant content and resources from Cochrane in the CED website.

The Cochrane Library App presents the latest up-to-date evidence from the Cochrane Library in a convenient, easy to navigate format which provides you with relevant, accessible research, when you need it, from the world’s leading experts in evidence-informed health care.

All content in the app is free and new issues will download regularly:


Cochrane Launches Network of U.S. Institutions to Promote Evidence-Based Healthcare

Cochrane, a global nonprofit network of researchers, professionals, patients, caregivers and people interested in health, has officially launched its U.S. network made up of some of the country’s leading institutions in the research and practice of evidence-based medicine. 

The new U.S. network joins Cochrane’s 70 existing geographic groups around the world. The Cochrane US Network will promote evidence-informed decision making in health care in the United States by supporting and training systematic review authors and users of Cochrane Reviews, as well as working with clinicians, professional associations, policymakers, patients, healthcare provider organizations and the media to encourage the dissemination and use of Cochrane evidence.

All the best,
Fred Hosea

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