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Test Example - And Real! was created by Tom Judd
March 2018
A Clinical Engineer in South Africa - after seeing CED's December 2018 email about Managing Health Technologies - asks the question:

I find this to be a very encouraging initiative, particularly in South Africa, where there is a real lack of awareness of the role of Clinical Engineers, and it is a constant struggle for individuals like myself to prove the need and value for Clinical Engineers at organisational level as well as nationally.
I manage Clinical Engineering in one of the leading private healthcare groups in South Africa and intend to piggy-back on your initiative by running an internal competition of sorts within my organisation to encourage the Clinical Engineers within my organisation to submit local success stories. I wanted to find out from you whether there is a target submission date you are aiming for, in order to align our efforts as much a possible. Please advise.
I would also appreciate your input in another area.
As part of my strategic development to grow and optimise the national Clinical Engineering footprint within my organisation, I would like to draw lessons in resourcing as well as operational best practice from other institutions that are considered global leaders when it comes to Clinical Engineering, typically within a hospital CED environment.  From your global experience, would you be able to share the names of any institutions (preferably predominantly English speaking :)), that you feel are ahead of the pack within the industry, in order for me to make contact and explore this further? If you have contact details, that would be a bonus!
I look forward to your input.  Signed, SD

March 2018
First Answer from CED: Dear SD:
It is great to get your feedback! And nice to meet you. I have included your (CED) country colleagues on this email as well as others from the CED Board.
I have several observations:
- I know your country colleagues regularly endeavor to improve CEASA’s impact for CEs in South Africa.  www.ceasa.org.za/ (CE Society)
- We love your idea about a competition for CE Success Stories! There is no particular deadline for submission but let’s say in the next 60 days, tentatively, so you can also consider submitting related abstracts for the global CE-HTM Congress this year in Rome.  See  www.globalce.org/index.php/GlobalCE  and  www.icehtmc.com/ . We would love to have a large contingent from South Africa joining us this year in October in Rome. 
- Regarding CE global leaders, I would humbly recommend a large USA group of hospitals with a large CE team. This group as you might imagine has some staff based regionally and some hospital-based. It also provides a very wide range of HTM and digital medicine like services (also called CE-IT) so could be a valuable source of info for you.
I will determine the best contact for you and send it soon. Thanks.  CED

April 2018
Second Answer:  From JD (who represents the large CE team from USA):
Good Afternoon SD,am so excited to connect with you! Is there a date and time that would be preferable to you in the next few days? I’d like to touch base with you prior to our forum discussion! Talk with you soon! Thank You, JD

SD also submitted other more specific questions about their mutual large group of hospitals and specific CE-HTM tools in use.  More to follow ....

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