CE-HTM WHO & Ongoing Events

Paolo Lago

Jitendar Sharma (AMTZ, India)
Adriana Velazquez (WHO, Switzerland)
Adrian Richards (Australia)
Zheng Kun (China)
Ledina Picari (Albania)
Dan Clark (UK)

Project Summary

Enhance CE-HTM professional exchange by facilitating CED involvement in global, regional, and country HT Events.

Key Objectives

1. Facilitate CED involvement in WHO’s 4GFMD https://www.who.int/medical_devices/global_forum/4th_gfmd/en/;

2. Support WHO in their priority projects https://www.who.int/medical_devices/en/;

3. Facilitate CED involvement in CED-endorsed Health Technology (HT) related Events throughout the year.

Completed Milestones

1. Substantial CED involvement at 4GFMD – see https://ced.ifmbe.org/scientific-papers

2. CED assisted WHO with ILO global count of CE-HTM practitioners 2017-2018, see https://www.who.int/medical_devices/support/en/;

3. European Regional CE Summit to be held in Rome on October 2019;

4. CED leadership and faculty at 12+ Events from June - December 2018 on 6 continents.

5. Adriana (WHO): to begin writing a regular column in Global CE Journal re WHO issues

6. CED leadership and faculty at 12+ more Events in first half of 2019; see https://ced.ifmbe.org/events

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