CE-HTM Training/Education

M. Poluta & A. Badnjevic

Elliot Sloane (USA)
Saide Calil (Brazil)
Ricardo Silva (Venezuela/USA)
Shauna Mullally & Anthony Chan (Canada)
Abdul Basit (UK)
Rossana Rivas (Peru)
Mario Secca (Portugal/Mozambique)
Ashenafi Hussein (Chair, IFMBE Working Group on African Activities-WGAA 7 countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Burundi, and Benin)
Tobey Clark (USA)

Project Summary

Increase global CE-HTM recognition within the profession … with measurable internal impact.

Key Objectives

Education: (1) identify global programs on website in 2019; (2) Consider how to enhance the delivery of various global programs;

Training: (1) Develop the e-Learning platform with resources from various sources; (2) provide distance-learning Specialty Webinars in 2019, partnered with the Innovation Project team, eg, (a) Track 1: Healthcare Transformation and eHealth (CE-IT) regarding Medical Device Interoperability, Integration with EHRs, telehealth, eHealth (and backed by global resource document repositories overseen in two LMIC locations) and (b) Track 2: Management and CE Success Story (SS) focused – initially to demonstrate a pilot country Ministry of Health (MOH) presentation for using a relevant subset of the 2018 published 400 CE SS from 125 countries to address identified Health Technology gaps in a country. Monthly webinars to begin in June 2019.

Completed Milestones

1. Gathered Training resources from CED participation in the WHO 4GFMD (December 2018) as well as 2018-2019 CE-HTM related Congresses & Events (eg, Prague June 2018, Bari September 2018, China October 2018, etc.) to date to be placed on the e-Learning platform in 2nd quarter 2019.

2. Tobey Clark for his University of Vermont (UVM) WHO HTM Collaborating Center (CC) and PAHO provided HTM training for the 15 Caribbean countries in March 2019

3. Paolo Lago led HTM training for the Pavia, Italy WHO HTM Collaborating Center for Cameroon in June 2019 that is also serving young CEs in Italy.

4. Tobey and Rossana Rivas for the UVM WHO CC provided HTM training for Argentine CEs in Buenos Aires in June 2019

5. AAMI Global Track, June 2019 in USA, led by Tom Judd & Yadin David; over 30 presentations/videos to be loaded on e-learning platform; there were 20 CED Board and Collaborator presenters representing 15 countries

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