CE-HTM External Relationships

Leandro Pecchia

Almir Badjnevic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Fabiolo Martinez (Mexico)
Ashenafi Hussein (IFMBE Working Group on African Activities, 7 countries)
Antonio Hernandez (USA)
Tobey Clark (USA)

Project Summary

Develop appropriate relationships with other global organizations/entities to enhance CE-HTM recognition.

Key Objectives

1. Create alliances/partnerships with other relevant healthcare organizations to provide training, leadership, and to influence policy.

Completed Milestones

Alliances since June 2018:

1. Global & national CE Events in Africa (7 countries), the Mediterranean (8 countries) and Europe including EPIG – EU Parliament, Australia, Latin America, Middle East, China, India’s WHO 4GFMD program for 90 countries, North America, and several societies.

2. (2019): EAMBES; AAMI, PAHO, UNOPS; IUPESM. Several national CE-HTM meetings, see Events. Examples:

1. PAHO: CED invited to attend their HTM meeting in Colombia in September and their HTR meeting in November in Costa Rica; possible joint PAHO-CED HTM seminar in early December 2019
2. UNOPS and CED considering an HTM partnership in Haiti; possible national stakeholder meeting in 2019

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