CE-HTM External Recognition

Yadin David

Roberto Ayala (Mexico)
Paula Berrio (Colombia)
Bill Gentles (Canada)
Ledina Picari (Albania)
Tom Judd (USA)
Li Bin (China)

Project Summary

Promote awareness of CE-HTM contributions to enhance global health for allied health professions and the pub

Key Objectives

1. Use the CED website to promote awareness of CE-HTM contributions for allied health professions and the wider public;

2. Use the Global CE Day public portal to promote the profession and enhance recognition of the CE-HTM role and contribution to world health; (3) Use the Global Clinical Engineering (CE) Success Story (SS) project – 400 stories from 125 countries in 6 categories: Access, Innovation, Management, Health Systems, e-Technology, Quality & Safety, published October 2018* – to enhance recognition with Ministers/Ministries of Health in at least 150 WHO member countries, beginning 2019.

Completed Milestones

1. Enhanced Website launched in April 2019;

2. Global CE Day (40 countries 2018) http://global.icehtmc.com/

3. Global CE Journal https://globalce.org/index.php/GlobalCE

4. Board member Almir Badnjevic has translated the cover Letter of Success Stories and sent out to 12 ministers of Health in Eastern Europe; Awards Committee considering every 3-year joint CE-Med Physicist Award; discuss during AC meeting.

5. CED website (https://ced.ifmbe.org/): now have over 3000 subscribers! 100 followers on Instagram, showed various Social Media sharing, eg CE definitions, Events, etc. and getting many emails for more info, from many countries engaging with CEs; Social Media by CED

- Website survey: https://forms.gle/Yq2dEh6WNhPucSMt7
-Promote an event: https://forms.gle/tKw4MF3HjaDXgxGi6
-Facebook page: Go Facebook Page
-Facebook group: Go Facebook Group
-LinkedIn: Go linkedin

6. Global CE Day (GCED):

- Countries now collecting data all year long to add to our GCED website, hosted by CMD, in as many languages as possible. CMD extra funding assistance to help us optimize data collection this year.
-Global CE Day China will coordinate with Rome. China will host its GCED on October 12 in 2019 to allow many to participate in both celebrations.

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