CE-HTM Credentialing

Fabiola Martínez (México) & Li Bin (China)

Board member Ewa Zalewska (Poland)
Board member Jitender Sharma (India)
Board member Adrian Richards (Australia)
Board member Ricardo Silva (USA/Venezuela)
Board member Ashenafi Hussein (Ethiopia/Africa)
Board member Tomokazu Nagasawa (Japan)
Board member Riad Farah (Lebanon) representing EMRO Region

Jim Wear (USA)
Mario Medvedec (Croatia)
Saide Calil (Brazil)
Peter Grainger (Ireland)

Project Summary

Build global CE-HTM Capacity through enhanced Recognition of Certification and Registration programs.

Key Objectives

1. Establish a global CE-HTM Credentialing Recognition Program in 2019, based on appropriate professional criteria;

2. Provide information to help countries establish a certification/registration program, and provide consultation for different global models of CE Credentialing.

Completed Milestones

Developed and globally distributed a global CE-HTM Credentialing Recognition white paper in 2018, as a key reference.

Credentialing Proposal – Approved and sent out to all. International Credentialing Board (ICB) being formed now and will begin serving in July 2019.


ICB January 27 & Feb 3 2020 minutes & next steps v5

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