CE-HTM Center for Excellence

Saide Calil

Leandro Pecchia (UK/Italy)
Tobey Clark (USA)
Dan Clark (UK)
Almir Badjnevic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Fabiola Martinez (Mexico)
Nicolas Pallikarikis (Greece)

Project Summary

Build global CE-HTM capacity by implementing a revenue-producing expert study group capability.

Key Objectives

1. Create a CfE legal entity under IFMBE CED oversight in 2019;

2. Establish key CfE processes in 2019: eg, CED CfE oversight body, criteria for analysis, evaluation and prioritization of the demands (eg, cost, technical difficulty, execution time, experts available etc.), QI for project processes and customer interaction, etc.;

3. Establish CfE network in 2019, eg, WHO CE-HTM Collaborating Centers, national Institutes, key universities & foundations, etc.

4. After objectives 1-3 completed, contract for initial global project with possible entities, eg, WHO, World Bank, global foundations, etc.

Completed Milestones

CfE draft Charter completed in 2018 – copy available

Our CfE pilot project is scheduled with PAHO. Three linked papers have been submitted for III ICEHTMC in Rome: concept and background of CfE (Calil); structure and workflow (Dan) and pilot (Tom).

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