CE-Driven Innovation

M. Castañeda & F. Hosea

Elliot Sloane
Tal David, MD, & Frank Zavisca MD, PhD (USA)
Jun Yoshioka & Keiko Fukata (Japan)
Jitendar Sharma (India)
Ricardo Silva (Venezuela/USA)

Project Summary

Embed innovation leadership principles in CED’s initiatives to enhance recognition, training, professional exchange.

Key Objectives

1. Identify and conduct best practice CE Innovation Leadership training globally;

2. Connect global CE innovation projects to an Innovation Registry;

3. Facilitate measurement of Clinical and Business outcomes of global CE Innovation projects.

Completed Milestones

1. Have connected with Education/Training Project leaders to offer:

a. Track 1 Healthcare Transformation Specialty Webinar on “Local and Global CE-IT in the context of HTA and HTM” led by Elliot Sloane and Ricardo Silva, on the PAHO Webex platform: on Friday, August 30th at 11 am New York time (Spanish) and Wednesday, 4 September at 12 noon New York time (in English)
b. Track 2 CE Management and Success Stories (SS) Specialty Webinar to be scheduled later to provide a pilot of CE SS applied to a specific country, adapting existing CE relevant to that country in a MOH presentation, led by Mario Castaneda and Fred Hosea.

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