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WHO Medical Devices Newsletter, April 2022

Here's the latest info shared by WHO's Adriana Velázquez regarding Medical Devices and the World Health Organization (April 2022).

Dear colleagues, hoping this message finds you safe and in good health. We are happy to listen to WHO Director-General's opening remarks on Member State Information Session on COVID-19 - 14 April 2022. “Last week, we saw the lowest number of COVID-19 deaths since the early days of the pandemic.  We are pleased to see a downward trend, but the pandemic is still far from over.” Vaccination, testing, and treatment have to remain a priority for everyone, everywhere, and very important to protect health care workers.


This month we have other good news, which we have been waiting for many years. The WHO will have an expert advisory group and another full-time staff! Please read and share in your networks, accordingly, to get the best candidates, for these two calls, before the 13th of May 2022. 

Secondly, the topic of the standardization of nomenclature comes again to the World Health Assembly (WHA75) in May and hoping a consensus can be reached. You can find: all past newsletters here;  WHO medical devices information here; WHO in vitro diagnostics information here; WHO oxygen-related here; Health technology assessment page here.


Contents of April Newsletter:

  1. Call for members of the New WHO Advisory group of experts for medical devices. “STAG MEDEV”
  2. Nomenclature of Medical Devices next steps.
  3. Call for candidates for a staff position “P4”  in WHO, HQ to work on medical devices. (one year contract)  



Strategic and Technical Advisory Group of Experts for Medical Devices (STAG MEDEV)


WHO has launched a call for experts to be part of the Advisory Group for medical devices.

Deadline: 13 May 2022 | Issued: 20 April 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking experts to serve as members of the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Medical Devices (STAG MEDEV). This “Call for experts” provides information about the advisory group in question, the expert profiles being sought, the process to express interest, and the process of selection.

Go to the "WHO Open Calls for Advisory Groups" website here: https://www.who.int/about/collaboration/open-calls-for-advisory-groups


Functions of the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Medical Devices (STAG MEDEV):

  • To identify and describe current and future challenges relative to medical devices and related health technologies, to support the work of WHO with the Member States towards reaching the relevant Sustainable Development Goals target;
  • To provide technical advice to WHO on global policies and strategies on medical devices and their linkages with other health systems elements, to support Universal Health Coverage and Global Public Health Security;
  • To advise WHO on the adequacy of progress towards the achievement of Medical Devices related objectives set in the World Health Assembly resolutions;
  • To provide an independent evaluation of the scientific-technical and strategic aspects of access to good quality, affordable, appropriate, safe, and efficacious medical devices;
  • To provide strategic advice to WHO on the development, update, and implementation of the WHO Priority and Essential Medical Devices Lists, in line with the work of other WHO Expert Groups and Committees;
  • To advise WHO on devising strategies for investment in appropriate priority medical technologies for primary health care;
  • To advise WHO on strategies for increased access to medical devices for early diagnosis, effective treatment, continuous monitoring, and protection.
  • To recommend priorities within the Organization and/or relevant technical unit related to the field of work of STAG-MEDEV;
  • To advise WHO on strategic directions to be prioritized on all types of medical devices; and
  • To review and make recommendations to WHO on issues related to medical devices process as policies, naming, innovation, selection, regulation, management, safe use until decommissioning.


Please read carefully before applying to the STAG MEDEV.


Nomenclature of Medical Devices... Next Events

January 2022, During the Executive Board EB150 in the following documents, were discussed:

  • EB150/14 Standardization of medical devices nomenclature International classification, coding, and nomenclature of medical devices
  • EB150/14 Add.1 Standardization of medical devices nomenclature International classification, coding, and nomenclature of medical devices
  • EB150/14 Add.2 Financial and administrative implications for the Secretariat of decisions proposed for adoption by the Executive Board
  • With the following decision, will be discussed further:
    • EB150(10) Standardization of medical devices nomenclature (see slide below)


March 2022, a Member States information session took place, where the decision was also discussed. 


Next events:

More information on the nomenclature can be found here, including the link to review the Global Atlas, 2022 edition

It has come to WHO attention that some Member States still need to review the information of the Global Atlas of Medical Devices, 2022. Which was under consultation in 2021. Therefore an extraordinary extension will be given for the Member States to review their information until Monday 2rd of May 2022.

Please send the official comments on the dropbox link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Monday 2nd of May. So that the approval publication process can continue.

More information on the nomenclature can be found here, including the link to review the Global Atlas, 2022 edition 



WHO Job posting.  Call for staff position “P4”  in WHO, HQ for a Biomedical Engineer to work on Priority Medical Devices (one-year contract).  

Closing day 13th of May 2022 |  Apply: Job Description - Biomedical Engineer (Priority Medical Devices) (2202903) (who.int)



  • Under the supervision and overall guidance of the Team Lead, Medical Devices and in vitro Diagnostics, the incumbent will perform the following tasks:
  • Coordinate the collection, analysis, and monitoring of data, information or documentation, and publications in support of activities related to medical devices policies, availability, and technical specifications, including the development of capacities for national governance mechanisms for accessibility.
  • Lead the development of guidance and standard-setting documents related to prioritization of medical devices, specifications, management, information systems, and monitoring.
  • Provide technical and policy advice and recommendations for the development of national strategies and plans of action for initiating and/or strengthening medical device programs and improvements in the relevant national oversight systems.
  • Liaise with WHO regional and country offices to support and monitor the development of regional strategies.
  • Coordinate the development of training programs on innovation, assessment, and management of medical devices including selection, procurement, donations, inventories, maintenance, safe use, and decommissioning.
  • Organize technical briefing seminars, regional and global technical and coordination meetings with experts, partners and collaborative networks; and represent WHO in relevant events.
  • Develop advocacy and communication materials in support of strategic engagement with partners and donors.
  • Support funding activities for the sustainability of the medical device's global projects.



  • Education Essential:  Advanced level university degree in biomedical engineering, clinical engineering, bioengineering, or related engineering fields.
  • Desirable: Postgraduate degree in public health, medicine, health technology assessment, health technology management, regulations of medical devices, public policies, health systems, technology innovation or related fields. 


Job Search (who.int)Please read carefully before applying.



Stay safe, take care!


Adriana Velazquez Berumen, MSc. | Biomedical Clinical Engineer | Team Lead Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics, MDD | Health Product Policy and Standards Department, HPS | Access to Medicines and Health Products Division, MHP | World Health Organization, WHO | Geneva, Switzerland

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Web: www.who.int | www.who.int/medical_devices/en/ | Follow WHO on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.



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