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MENAHPF 2019 Summary

The 2019 Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum (MENAHPF) was held in Le Bristol Hotel in Beirut from Oct 14 to 16. In this blog post, we share a small summary of this year's activities.

This event is organized by the MENAHPF and NGOs, sponsored by the World Bank and Roche, and had a technical support/coverage by EMRO WHO Office.

The main focus of the forum was to tackle health-related policies required by the countries under these regions, as well as to discuss the implementation plans for HTA activities in the regions.

The attendance was around 60 professionals from mainly Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia. The Arab Hospital Federation was represented by D Khoja himself.

HTA presentations ranged from displaying all HTA programs, how to cooperate with international HTA agencies like INAHTA, how to prevent double work by learning from successful programs, workgroup discussions, and how to implement HTA in each country.

The recommendations shall be reported officially soon, distributed to attendees and to be assessed with each Ministry of Health representatives.

HTA and HTM were two hot topics for MENA countries, as Clinical Engineers should be available all through the journey right from the beginning of planning of implementation and execution of Health Technology Projects.


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