Policies on Biomedical Devices Under ITEC Course

CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO) is conducting a course on 'Policies on Biomedical Devices' under 'Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC)', sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi.

Biomedical Device is a critical component of Hospitals and Healthcare Delivery System. With the rapid advancement in Indian Medical Device Industry, India has taken few steps in strengthening medical device policies.

Understanding of those policies, concepts: medical device classification, priorities, pricing, price control, procurement, installation, use, post-market surveillance, condemnation, rules & regulations would provide useful policy inputs for government, industry, and academia and decision making at country level to maximize safety, affordability, accessibility of medical devices. It would provide a platform to share policies of other countries and the best practices in the medical device field.

Course duration, eligibility, course content is provided at the following link: https://www.itecgoi.in/courses_list.php?salt3=a60007b14c2019-2020&salt4=81c544f3a022&salt=b709d6350e29 

To apply for the course following link can be used: https://www.itecgoi.in/applicant_getCountry.php?salt3=794f763e162019-2020&salt=c63dd568f22732&salt2=91fa174a2822 

Officials from ITEC Countries fulfilling eligibility criteria can apply.

List of ITEC Countries Link: https://www.itecgoi.in/a.php


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