The 3rd International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (CMBEBIH 2019) was held in Banja Luka 16 – 18., May 2019. The significance of this conference for the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina and Balkan Region is depicted by the fact it was supported by all levels of government (presidency and entity levels) and that it gathered the most eminent experts in the field, to be more exact around 500 of them, from 45 world countries.

Official statements of government representatives were full of support for this event and stimulating speeches about the development of biomedical engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of them being:

  • Conference opens cooperation opportunities for universities, companies focused on research and medical institutes.”
  • Conference on medical and biological engineering successfully connects scientific and practical knowledge and achievements applied in everyday medical practice.”

Even though Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with exceptional experts in the field, it has the lowest number of engineers in the field of biomedical engineering in the entire Balkan region. It is the mission of CMBEBIH to change this.

Conference and its mission are actively supported by representatives of the leading international institutions for biomedical engineering. Professor Ernesto Iadanza, representative of International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) emphasized that their recent research shows that there is a million of experts from this field in the world and whose role in healthcare is impossible to measure or replace.


"Bosnia and Herzegovina has a huge responsibility today; to show the world where the future starts."


These were the first words of Professor Leandro Pecchia, in the name of International Union for Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine (IUPESM). Bosnia and Herzegovina has a huge potential to evolve in this field, he emphasized, also this is an opportunity to create a new model of social and healthcare system, unlike any other in the world.

This conference was supported by the Medical University of Banja Luka. Dean of this faculty and co-chair of the conference, Professor Ranko Škrbić, emphasized the importance of this educational institution in the conference itself and said that #biomedicalengineering has completely reshaped the perception of both medicine and healthcare sector. He announced more active engagement so that an institute for biomedical engineering could be opened in Banja Luka in the near future.

Functioning of science without constant effort and investment is impossible, this is a well-known fact. The leading man and the idea-founder for this conference, president of the BH Medical and Biological Engineering Society, Professor Almir Badnjević emphasized that Bosnia and Herzegovina is the last country on the ranking scale when it comes to investing in science. It is time to change this. He invited the participants of the conference to take advantage of all conference perks in the upcoming three days, get to know the newest technological discoveries, project opportunities, partners for grant applications together with scholarship and job opportunities.

IT & Engineering Business Networking Forum” held in Banja Luka on 18th of May was the closing event of a three-day, third International conference on medical and biological engineering – CMBEBIH 2019.

Research and development were in the focus of this conference, mainly the topics covered biomedical engineering, biomedical signals and their processing and medical engineering. In the focus of the third day of conference were plenary lectures aiming on practical application of knowledge in the field of medical and biological engineering in today and future medicine, and technologies that will change both approach and treatment of disorders and illnesses of various organ systems – ranging from respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and endocrine. Novel research and breakthroughs of genetic and pharmaceutical engineering were also presented.

In addition to scientific contributions of CMBEBIH 2019 and its 116 presented papers, it offered all participants a significant opportunity to meet and talk about future collaboration with leading world experts and peers from all over the world. This was a unique opportunity for scientists from Bosnia and Herzegovina to share knowledge, experience, and research with colleagues from all around the world who share their passion for this particular field of science.

The educational character of the conference was emphasized by the student competition, where students once again showed that Bosnia and Herzegovina will be one of the leading actors of development of medical and biological engineering in the world in the years to come.

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Banja Luka were the meeting point of most eminent scientists of the world and representatives of most important institutions in the field of medical and biological engineering from the entire world for the last three days.

With the vision of making the next conference even more successful and with more participants, BH Medical and Biological Engineering Society announces the upcoming 4th CMBEBIH conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2021.

Here are some photos of CMBEBIH 2019:








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