WHO Medical Devices Newsletter, July 2019

Here is the latest information shared by WHO's Adriana Velázquez regarding Medical Devices and the World Health Organization. July 2019 Edition.

2nd WHO Model List of Essential in vitro diagnostic (EDL), was launched today in the United Nations press conference.

Today, 9th July WHO launched the 2nd WHO Model List of Essential in vitro diagnostic along with the 21st Essential Medicines list: https://www.who.int/.

WHO is thankful to the members of the Strategic Advisory Group (SAGE IVD) for their knowledge and expertise and to all those that were involved in the review, development, and submissions of tests.

The objective of the EDL is to increase access, affordability, availability of these tests globally, to support universal health coverage and better health for all.

WHO presents the second EDL which describes in vitro diagnostic tests for two tiers:

  • Community and health settings without laboratories, and
  • Health care facilities with clinical laboratories.

It consists of 122 test categories presented as follows:

  • 46 general IVD tests that can be used for routine patient care as well as for the detection and diagnosis of a wide array of disease conditions;
  • 69 IVDs intended for the detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of specific diseases. The second EDL extends the diseases to include noncommunicable diseases, with an extensive new section covering cancer tests as well as a set of general tests, including a new anatomical pathology section; and
  • 7 test categories intended for screening of blood donations.

More information on the 3 EDL list can be found here.

WHO opens today the call for applications to the 3rd EDL, (deadline 8 September 2019), to add more in vitro diagnostic tests for emergencies, neglected tropical diseases, antimicrobial resistance, point of care technologies, non-communicable diseases. More information for submissions.

WHO is aware that PDF and books are not the best option to access these lists; today opens a call to develop an electronic system: MEDEVIS (medical devices information system) including e- EDL, to manage, disseminate, update and consult the information of EDL and of WHO Priority medical devices lists.

The RFP has just been published on UNGM: https://www.ungm.org/Public/Notice/93502 and closes August 14, 2019. To continue this work, WHO will be hiring and will soon be posting a 9-month position (1903201) :

The objective of the post: to work within the Essential in vitro Diagnostic List (EDL) Secretariat, support the technical communication with the members of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on In Vitro Diagnostics (SAGE IVD) and technical counterparts in WHO on IVDs, particularly on those required for non-communicable diseases (NCDs).


Required Qualifications


  • Essential: Advanced university degree in biomedical sciences, laboratory medicine, pathology; biology, biomedical engineer specialized in laboratory equipment, or other related scientific fields with experience including non-communicable diseases.
  • Desirable: Advanced university degree (masters level) in pathology, laboratory medicine, biomedical engineering, health technology assessment, public health, health economics, regulation of IVDs, or other related fields.



  • Essential: At least seven years of relevant experience in high-level management of diagnostic laboratory units, specialized in medical technology, biomedical field, clinical laboratories, in vitro diagnostic tests, clinical practice.
  • Desirable: Previous experience in Ministries of Health, national reference laboratories, and/or international NGOs, relevant UN or WHO. Experience with assessments/reviews and interaction with selection committees.


Interested candidates, please send a CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the 20th of July, and also can submit their CV and apply in the Stellis system ( might be published in the next weeks): see New positions under recruitment by WHO.


WHO Health Product Profile Director

The Health Product Profile Directory provides a searchable database of profiles for health products needed to tackle pressing health issues in global health including those prioritized by WHO.

Building in these characteristics at an early stage of the development process is essential to ensure that the final products will be accessible to the populations that need them.

Read more about the Product Profile Directory here.


WHO consultation on technical specifications for blood pressure measurement devices for the management of hypertension

WHO estimates that 1.1 billion people have hypertension. It is indispensable to have good quality blood measurement devices. It is a global concern that still mercury sphygmomanometers are available.

A meeting took place 24 and 25 June 2019 in WHO to define specifications. More information on the process and the drafting of the document can be found here.


Careers at WHO

Many positions are open, particular attention is requested to fill a vacancy on the regulation of medical devices (Position 1902257). Please share with colleagues interested and note closing date are very soon!



Thank you, please share the above information with all those that might be interested.

Best regards,


Adriana Velazquez Berumen

Senior Advisor on Medical Devices

Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products

World Health Organization

Geneva, Switzerland

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