WHO Short-Term Job Opportunities for October-November 2019

The World Health Organization is looking to hire professionals to work in Geneva on medical devices projects during the months of October and November. Here is all you need to know about this great opportunity!

Adriana Velázquez (WHO Senior Advisor on Medical Devices) has reached out to us in search of experienced Clinical Engineers to support WHO in the development of technical specifications of medical equipment and in-vitro diagnostics, as well as medical devices nomenclature projects.

The positions currently available are:

  1. Consultant to WHO (from as soon as possible until the end of November) (this work can be done remotely) and
  2. Two or three short-term contracts to work in Geneva in WHO (<60 days) as short term Staff (from October to November).

There will be a selection process based on the following requirements:

  • Biomedical or Clinical Engineering Professionals may apply if they have a postgraduate level.
  • +7 years of experience in the field ( indispensable requirement)
  • Knowledge in types of hospital equipment, procurement process, development of technical specifications, nomenclature/naming systems, standards, room by room equipment lists, medical devices required for specific health interventions, and other criteria may apply.
  • It would be desirable that the candidate works or has worked for the Ministry of Health or National Agencies
  • Knowledge of CND, UMDNS, GMDN, UNSPSC, or GS1 nomenclature systems
  • English: Oral and Written. Other desired languages: French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and/or Chinese
  • The candidate has to have availability to work in Geneva during October/November, to work in an international setting with expertise from different areas.
  • It would be preferable if the candidate were born after 1957 due to difficulty to hire post-retired candidates.

For more information, please send a 1-page CV and the following template via email to Adriana Velazquez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Indispensable Requirements Template

For each of the following, please answer "I confirm that I comply to this requirements" if you meet each of the following requirements. If you don't comply with all of these requirements, please don't apply for this opportunity.

  1. Are you a postgraduate biomedical or clinical engineering / medical engineering or bioengineering?
  2. Do you have +7 years of experience in the healthcare sector?
  3. Do you have knowledge of hospital equipment, technical specifications for procurement, and lists of devices by hospital area?
  4. Do you have knowledge of 1 or more medical device nomenclature systems?
  5. Are you an English-speaking/writing expert?
  6. Are you available to travel to Geneva in October/November?

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