CED Staffing Methodology Basic Questionnaire

The IFMBE CED team is working on a study addressing WHO 2019 Challenge #5: Global CE-HTM Indicators. The goal is to determine WHO recommendations for biomedical engineering and technician personnel/ number of equipment/ type of hospital/beds. In this blog post, we invite you to help us by answering this survey.

Within this, the team has reviewed relevant literature and is testing the preliminary survey tool to determine the thoroughness and ability to produce the desired input from organizations globally for the greater study.  By participating in the testing of this survey, you are assisting the group in refining the future survey which will create suggestions for global CE-HTM indicators and provide benchmarks for data nationally, regionally and globally for staffing ratios and other key metrics for clinical engineering programs.  Thanks in advance for being a key collaborator with the team to strengthen the global capacity for clinical engineering everywhere.

Please go to this site to answer the survey: https://forms.gle/hNZsbkB2125q6Pqc8

We thank you for your valuable time.

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