IFMBE CED's Global Centre For Excellence Invitation

During the II International Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management Congress in São Paulo, Brazil, the creation of a worldwide network of Centre of Biomedical/Clinical Engineering was discussed; this is an invitation to join our efforts.

This network, to be called the Centre for Excellence (CfE), is affiliated with the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering Clinical Engineering Division (IFMBE CED -

The need for this development was recognized by its initial members, which include international experts such as Professor Nicolas Pallikarakis (Greece); Professor Dan Clark (UK); Dr. Yadin David (USA); Dr. Elliot Sloane (USA); Eng. Tom Judd (USA), Professor Saide Calil (Brazil), and Eng. Tobey Clark (USA).

The initial aim of the CfE is to identify expertise on Clinical Engineering (CE) subjects from different centres around the world (such as WHO Collaborating Centers or country-based Institutes) to develop and maintain a directory of skills and experience that is both qualified and available to collectively address major international healthcare technology-related issues.

These issues may be related to educational activities, guidance document development and/or translation, best practices in technology management projects, patient safety issues, guideline design and other activities related to the CE field.

The concept behind this Centre is to gather needs from major organizations dealing with healthcare such as the World Health Organization, Pan American Health Organization, World Bank and similar others. Such needs, that can be in the form of demands, will be organized, prioritized and proposed as projects that the CfE will address utilizing the best available and qualified skill sets, expertise and capacity from across the world.

Therefore, looking forward to future collaboration with CfE and to help us to understand your range of expertise in the CE field, we kindly ask you to complete this questionnaire:

Your cooperation is appreciated in advance.

Best regards

The CfE team

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