The Importance of Energy-Efficient Medical Devices

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CED Collaborator Mohammad Ameel participated in the 5th Green Asian Hospital Conference in Singapore, where he lectured on the importance of Energy-Efficient Medical Devices and why addressing this topic will be of great benefit to our society. 

Over the years, medical device manufacturers have paid little attention to energy requirements in these devices due to challenges in both accessibility and affordability in the countries where these are primarily produced. 

IFMBE CED Asian Green Hospital Conference

Although the availability of power is a key component to ensure the functionality of medical devices, it's also a major concern in low and middle-income countries.

However, there's an increasing trend of portable devices that primarily runs on DC power batteries or solar voltaic systems. Such devices range from solar-powered vaccine refrigerators, battery-powered blood pressure monitors, fingertip pulse oxymeters, LED fluorescence microscopes, amongst many others. These devices are very useful in areas where access to the grid is limited or unavailable.

Energy-efficient devices have the potential to ensure savings to health facilities, reduce carbon footprints and ensure both access and equity by making such health technologies available to those areas where its reach was limited due to power unavailability.

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