4th Intl. China CE Forum for Innovation and Development Summary

On May 15, The 4th International China Clinical Engineering Forum for Innovation and Development (ICEF) was solemnly held during the National Spring Exhibition of Medical Devices.

More than 400 guests from 11 countries and regions in China, Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East came to the conference. China International Clinical Engineering Forum for Innovation and Development has become the most influential international event in the field of clinical engineering in China.

Hosted by reed-sinopharm Exhibition Company and co-hosted by the Clinical Engineering Association of the Chinese Medical Sociation(CECS) and the Chinese Medical Equipment Association, CECS being the leader of China Clinical Engineering , promoting the development of clinical engineering, the guardian of health technology application, facilitator for international academy exchange.

IFMBE CED China CE Forum 1

At the conference forum, Professor Yadin David of IFMBE-CED shared that "the service mode of our health service industry is undergoing major changes, and technology management is already the core part of this change." Gao Jiechun, Director of Hospital Management Research Institute of Fudan University, shared the concept and trend of Internet and AI medicine. Jean Ngoie, Director of NHS Systems Instruments and Clinical Engineering Department of Dundeside, UK, introduced Teside UK National Health Care Service System, which relied on the reanalysis of automated and skilled laboratory staff, integrated its clinical laboratory operation and solved the problem quickly. The problem of fast diagnostic results.

Bertrand Bouligand, a biomedical engineer at Anger University Hospital in France, shared the best practice guidelines for clinical engineering and medical equipment management in French hospitals. Robert Stiefel, former director of clinical engineering services at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the United States, elaborated on clinical engineering from six aspects: education, safety, equipment services, information technology, regulations and standards, and certification. The history, current situation and future of innovation.

In the afternoon, Professor Binseng Wang, Director of the International Committee of ACCE, and Professor Yadin David brought the experience of "Medical Engineering Research Capacity Improvement" respectively. Chinese experts, such as Zhang Qiang, Vice President of Union Medical College Hospital and Feng Jingzhu, Director of Clinical Medical Engineering Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, introduced their scientific research experience.

IFMBE CED China CE Forum 2

In the sub-forum of Internet of Things + Intelligent Hospital, Internet of Things and Intelligent Hospital have become a new hot topic. Experts from many hospitals throughout the country gave speeches on intelligent management of hospital equipment based on Internet of Things technology.

IFMBE CED China CE Forum 3

"Walk with the wise, work with the master". China International Forum on Innovation and Development of Clinical Engineering will undertake a new mission. With the world's expert of clinical engineering, we will further explore the deeper significance and value of clinical engineering and help to light up the clearest and most thorough medical era for every clinical engineer.

IFMBE CED China CE Forum 4

In addition to the colorful expert lectures, the discussion of topical topics in advance of the event was held. It also held a unique "ceremonial" signing event-the signing ceremony between the Chinese Medical Association Medical Engineering Branch and the American Society of Clinical Engineering.

IFMBE CED China CE Forum 5

Summary Provided by Li Bin - Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering (CSBME).

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