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29th Japan Association for Clinical Engineers Annual Conference Summary

The Japan Association for Clinical Engineers Annual Conference lasted two days and was held in Iwate prefecture. 2,900 participants attended the conference, many of whom were clinical engineers and received 11 lectures, 6 special lectures, 22 symposiums and 521 general topics.

The Conference allowed us to share current work and to discuss challenges and future activities. For example, in the special lecture, it has been stated that producing kidney organoid from human multifunctional stem cells have been succeeded and it would be possible to create transplantable kidney tissue in the near future. Therefore, hemodialysis intervention, which is one of Japanese clinical engineers’ main jobs, might be changed dramatically in the future.

On the other hand, in the lecture by Professor of Beijing University People's Hospital, collaboration between clinical practice and clinical engineers was stated as very important.

Moreover, in panel discussions on medical and engineering cooperation to support the development of medical devices and medical materials by clinical engineers, it was expected to be active in new fields. Hence, the following points were shown at this conference; 

  1. Using the knowledge, skills and experience developed by clinical engineers, we are looking for new possibilities, which play a part in team medical care from the aspect of medical engineering.
  2. It is necessary to work on development and improvement of new medical equipment by medical and engineering cooperation, and to achieve further evolution.

Summary by Yuichi Kikuchi
Chair of the 29th Japan Association for Clinical Engineers Annual Conference, 2019
Iwate Prefectural Isawa Hospital, Department of Clinical Engineering

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