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III ICEHTMC Presentations

We're pleased to inform you that you will find most (authorized for distribution by the authors) III ICEHTMC presentations in this blog post! For more information about this event and the information included in these presentations, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

October 21st, 2019 

  1. III ICEHTMC - A decision-making support algorithm for Active Implantable Medical Devices Evaluation by M. Andellini
  2. III ICEHTMC - Advantages of a Regional Clinical Engineering Model by K. Greenwood
  3. III ICEHTMC - Aut. Detection & Evaluation Research of CT Image Perf. Based on Remote Quality Control by Y. Zhong
  4. III ICEHTMC - Bangladesh Gov. Action Plan for Certified CE to Achieve Healthcare SDG by 2030 by Md. Ashrafuzzaman
  5. III ICEHTMC - CE Support Access to Med. Dev. by A. Velazquez
  6. III ICEHTMC - Evaluation of the in-service performance of different brands of MRI devices in 1.5T by W. Longchen
  7. III ICEHTMC - Feasibility study of a collaborative 3D models of medical device non-critical spare-parts database by T. Gauliard
  8. III ICEHTMC - Forecasting Failures with Sparse Data by Emmanuel Akinluyi
  9. III ICEHTMC - Medical Device Post Market Surveillance by A. Badnjevic
  10. III ICEHTMC - Medical Equipment Technology, MET 1 by B. Macalinao
  11. III ICEHTMC - Performance evaluation of CES by A. Cecchini
  12. III ICEHTMC - Real Word Data, Real World Evidence & Sentiment Analysis In HTA by P. Salerno
  13. III ICEHTMC - Research on Maint. Mgmt. of Eqpt. of MRI Based on Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) by C. Chengchen
  14. III ICEHTMC - Role of regional Quality Control Center of Medical Equipment Management by L. Wang
  15. III ICEHTMC - Sepsis and mortality predictive models using Deep Learning - A progressive learning analysis by J. Camacho
  16. III ICEHTMC - Single-Use Endoscopy evaluation by HB-HTA approach and comparison with re-processable devices by U. of Trieste
  17. III ICEHTMC - The Trouble with MedTech HTA by D. Clark
  18. III ICEHTMC - Which American Clinical Engineering Practices Should You Adopt by B. Wang
  19. III ICEHTMC - Medical Devices in LMICS- Global Gaps, Trends, and Opportunities by Leandro Pecchia
  20. III ICEHTMC - Facility for Tumour Therapy and Biomedical Research with Protons and Heavier Ions by Sanja Damjanovic
  21. III ICEHTMC - IUPESM (IFMBE & IOMP) Activities & Opportunities in the Field of Early Career Development by Magdalena Stoeva
  22. III ICEHTMC - Healthcare Equipment Management with ICT Tools in Burundi and Rwanda by Marc Nyssen
  23. III ICEHTMC - EAMBES Activities to Promote BME & Medical Physics in Europe by Timo Jamsa
  24. III ICEHTMC - A Disruptive Technology for Infection Control in Critical Area & Reduction of Hospital Liquid Waste by Umbro Sciamannini
  25. III ICEHTMC - Artificial Intelligence & Big Data by Giovanni Arcuri
  26. III ICEHTMC - Improving TB/Lymphoma Differentiation Using Natural Language Processing & Ensemble Methods by MD Pholo
  27. III ICEHTMC - Big Data Analytics in Prractice - A Strategic Approach to Manage the Regional Healthcare System by Andrea Soranzio
  28. III ICEHTMC - PHChat A Chatbot Mobile Application to Assist Professionals in Primary Healthcare by Silvia Martini
  29. III ICEHTMC - PPADS Physician-Parent Decision Support for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit by Monique Frize
  30. III ICEHTMC - ICT and Medical Informatics by Mario Lugli
  31. III ICEHTMC - IUPESM (IFMBE & IOMP) Activities & Opportunities in the Field of Early Career Development by Magdalena Stoeva
  32. III ICEHTMC - Medical Devices in LMICS- Global Gaps, Trends, and Opportunities by Leandro Pecchia
  33. III ICEHTMC - ORÁO Ophthalmologic Medical Record for Chromatic Pupillometry by Rachele Fabbri
  34. III ICEHTMC - PHChat A Chatbot Mobile Application to Assist Professionals in Primary Healthcare by Silvia Martini
  35. III ICEHTMC - PPADS Physician-Parent Decision Support for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit by Monique Frize
  36. III ICEHTMC - SimWalk An Approach for Similarity Search in Medical Image Databases by Samuel Z. Oliva
  37. III ICEHTMC - Improving Patient Flow Logistics in a Cardiac Surgery Environment: A Single Centre Pivotal Trial by Francesca Pellegrino
  38. III ICEHTMC - Digitizing Malaria Case Management Protocol in Ghana: A Pilot Study
  39. III ICEHTMC - Dev. of a Biomechatronic Devi. for Mot. Analysis Through a Stereoscopic Vision Module by Pristera Francesca
  40. III ICEHTMC - Biomedical Engineers Role Supporting Community-Based Medical Device Equipment in Ireland by Liam Hackett
  41. III ICEHTMC - ARC-Intellicare, a Home-Based Platform for an Integrated Rehabilitation Care: The Italian Case Study by Alice Mantoan
  42. III ICEHTMC - Videodialysis a Virtual Caregiver for a New Type of Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis by Marco Cerrato
  43. III ICEHTMC - Development of IoT-Based Patient Health Monitoring and Management System by Busola Oronti
  44. III ICEHTMC - Clinical Engineer Roles in Different Perspectives by Murilo Contó
  45. III ICEHTMC - HTPMP Health Tech Project Mgmt. Platform by Giulio Iachetti
  46. III ICEHTMC - Operating Room Management Re-Engineering of Processes on a Quality Path by Anna Cantone
  47. III ICEHTMC - Entrepreneurial Model for CE Startups Based on Lean Startup & Saint Startup Tool Application by Luis E. Fernández
  48. III ICEHTMC - The Unique Role of a Clinical Engineer in Hospital & Healthcare Management by Brian Kearney
  49. III ICEHTMC - Principles and Practice of Medical Equipment Planning in Hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Lou Xiaomin

October 22nd, 2019

  1. III ICEHTMC - Eff. CE Health Policy Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, and Actn. Plan to Overcome Glob. Health Disparities by Elliot Sloane
  2. III ICEHTMC - Development of Medical Device Policies by Adriana Velazquez
  3. III ICEHTMC - Plenary Session and Round Table on Policy by Renato García
  4. III ICEHTMC - Beyond Clinical Engineering- Leveraging Big Data & Interoperability Across the Healthcare Ecosystem by Eric Rosow
  5. III ICEHTMC - Early identification of the Dysgraphia Through Kinematic Analysis of Handwriting by Giulia Silvery
  6. III ICEHTMC - Social Robots in Healthcare by Francesco Giuliani
  7. III ICEHTMC - Development of an Ultrasound Phantom for Investigating Brain Tissue Pulsations by Georgina de Vries
  8. III ICEHTMC - D-Shoe A Smart Shoe to Detect Walking Dysfunction by Mir Farooq Ali
  9. III ICEHTMC - What is HTAi by Americo Cicchetti
  10. III ICEHTMC - ISPOR and the Medical Technology Landscape by Ramiro E. Gilardino
  11. III ICEHTMC - HTA & BME Global Trends, Gaps, and Opportunities IFMBE IUPESM by Leandro Pecchia
  12. III ICEHTMC - International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment by Sophie Werko
  13. III ICEHTMC - Using HTA Principles for Decision-Making to Select Essential & Priority Medical Technologies by Adriana Velazquez
  14. III ICEHTMC - Integration of CE-HTM & IT in Healthcare Systems by Bradley Schoener
  15. III ICEHTMC - RFID for CE - Equipment Management of A.O.U. Federico II b Mariangela Matano
  16. III ICEHTMC - Design of a Mgmt. Model for the Prior. of Biom. Tech. Invest. & for the Transfer of Clinical Activities Inside a New Hospital
  17. III ICEHTMC - Emergency Relocation of a Cardio-Surgical Health Facility Due to War by Djankou Tchoutat Lionel
  18. III ICEHTMC - Durham College BSc in Healthcare Technology Management (BHCTM) Past, Present, & Future by Abdelbaset Khalaf
  19. III ICEHTMC - Electrosurgery- Perhaps One of the Most Misunderstood Surgical Technologies by Jens Bettin
  20. III ICEHTMC - Althea Group Presentation by Rafael Provencio
  21. III ICEHTMC - PPP and MES A Legal Perspective by Velia M. Leone
  22. III ICEHTMC - HIMSS Clinical Engineering Coming of Age by Charles Alessi
  23. III ICEHTMC - Device Interoperability by Elliot Sloane
  24. III ICEHTMC - Health Technology Alliance by Bradley Schoener
  25. III ICEHTMC - Presentation by Maurizio Rizzetto
  26. III ICEHTMC - AAMI Global Exchange by Bradley Schoener
  27. III ICEHTMC - Ways to Support HTM Development in LMICs from the Perspective of an NGO by Cathy Blanc-Gonnet
  28. III ICEHTMC - A Device for Tracking the Photopupillary Reflex via Smartphone in LMICs by Davide Piaggio
  29. III ICEHTMC - The Global Clinical Engineering Center for Excellence (CfE) by Dan Clark
  30. III ICEHTMC - IFMBE CED Study Addressing WHO 2019 Challenge #1 in Global CE-HTM by Tom Judd
  31. III ICEHTMC - Biomedical Engineering in Africa: Progress and Challenges by Vittorio Colizzi
  32. III ICEHTMC - UBORA Euro-African Open Biomedical Engineering E-Platform by L. Di Pietro
  33. III ICEHTMC - When an Unintended or Unwanted Event Happens by Yadin David
  34. III ICEHTMC - Bedside Comm. & Mgmt. of Vital Parameters & Alarms in Care-Intensive Environments by Immacolata de Rosa
  35. III ICEHTMC - Using UV Room Disinfectors in a Hospital Setting by Jonathan A. Gaev
  36. III ICEHTMC - Visualization Tool of the Medication Process to Help Increase Medication Safety by Anne ten Wolde
  37. III ICEHTMC - Reliability Study of PET-CT Based on FMECA by Chen Ying
  38. III ICEHTMC - Measurement and Evaluation of Acoustic Noise Exposure during Clinical MRI Exam for Patient and Staff by Liu Long
  39. III ICEHTMC - Implications of CED Global Body of Knowledge & Practice by Saide Jorge Calil
  40. III ICEHTMC - Introduction of a Re-Engineered Certification Program for Clinical Engineers in Ireland by Aaron O’Reilly
  41. III ICEHTMC - Clinical Engineering Skills & Curriculum for the 21st Century Workforce by Elliot Sloane
  42. III ICEHTMC - A Study on the Evolution of Biomedical Engineering Education in Europe by Christos Alexandropoulos
  43. III ICEHTMC - Global Development in Healthcare Technology Management Education by Abdelbaset Khalaf
  44. III ICEHTMC - CED Health Technology Regulation Project by Peter Grainger
  45. III ICEHTMC - Development of a Peer Review Process for Clinical Engineering Services by Bill Gentles
  46. III ICEHTMC - Medical Devices in Africa Ethical Issues and Universality of Norms by Alessia Maccaro
  47. III ICEHTMC - Guideline for Additive Manufacturing Centers in Clinical Institutions by Stefania Marconi
  48. III ICEHTMC - Service Models of Clinical Engineering by Ana T. Cardoso de Freitas

Additional III ICEHTMC Resources

  • You can watch most of the videos of the presentations on our III ICEHTMC YouTube Playlist: https://bit.ly/2t4nHzo.
  • You can read the full III ICEHTMC Report Here.
  • You can read the full Global CE Summit Summary Here.
  • You can read the Global CE Action Plan Here.

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