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Hacking Coronavirus 1st Anniversary

Our Hacking Coronavirus / Hacking COVID-19 weekday eBulletin has just reached the first anniversary. We've prepared this blog to share with you our working perspective on these 257 issues.

A year ago, a group of us decided to try assembling useful Clinical Engineering and C-Suite resources for you, our global community. Today, our weekday eBulletins reach +10,000 international subscribers, providing all of you as many articles about clinical technology, policy, and practice as we can locate in the peer-reviewed literature.

Fortunately, most publishers have eliminated their paywalls, allowing all of us to freely share cutting-edge information as it is published.

This terrible pandemic has lasted FAR longer than any of us imagined, so, let's be honest, this is a bittersweet anniversary. We have lost so many friends, colleagues, and family to this dreadful scourge, and the global economy will take a lot of hard work to restore.

Your Hacking Coronavirus team truly hopes that we can sunset this daily publication later this year as we all work together to eliminate SARS-Cov2 everywhere on the planet. Until then, we will continue to do our best to support you.

Thank you all for YOUR hard work each and every day to serve your -- and our -- community.


The Hacking Coronavirus Team: Kallirroi Stavrianou, Rossana Rivas, Irisdea Peña, Tom Judd, Elliot Sloane, Yadin David, and Luis Fernández.

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