Global Survey on Clinical Engineering Work Requirements

This study aims at understanding the essential criteria needed to work as a clinical/biomedical engineer in health facilities. Please help us by answering this quick survey that will help us present results during III ICEHTMC.

Answer the survey here: 

In order to ensure an equal level of safety and effectiveness for European patients, the European Parliament has published new regulations aiming at ruling the free circulation of medical devices among European countries.

However, several other important aspects relevant to patient safety are not regulated. This is the case of minimum requirements to work as clinical engineers in European public hospitals or local Trusts.

This survey is part of a wider study aiming at analyzing different requirements to work as a clinical engineer in different European countries.

This study has been reviewed and given approval by the University of Warwick’s Biomedical and Scientific Research Ethics Committee (Ethical approval number REGO-2018-2283-AM01).

Read the respondent leaflet here.


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