Global CE Journal Second Issue Now Published!

2nd Issue is now published! Please join us as we discover new knowledge through reading the Issue. Just like the Editor's Corner suggested: the more information we share, the less 'Enigma' exists in our field!

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Editor's Corner

In today’s digital communications, institutions and individuals alike are taking extra efforts to protect the confidentiality and privacy of their records. This behavior, however, is not restricted to the digital era. Well before the arrival of what we now know as digital communications, existed the era of analog communications. The desire to conceal or to cipher records became globally notorious from the electro-mechanical Enigma cipher machine. Its unique code system is illustrated on the cover page of this issue. Developed at the end of World War I, and commercialized in the early 1920s, it was adopted by military and government services – most notably, those of Nazi Germany before and during World War II (

Upon the release of the 2014 Oscar-nominated film The Imitation Game, our society became familiar with the name and work of the brilliant mathematician, Alan Turing. Alan cracked the Enigma code at the beginning of World War II ( and helped decipher the military codes used by Germany and its allies. His impact on computer science has been widely acknowledged and revered. Throughout the ages, our society has gone to great lengths to protect certain records. On the contrary, here at the Global Clinical Engineering Journal, we aim to collect and share records and information by publishing them, and broadcasting this knowledge to all four corners of the healthcare world.

For a long time now, I have heard clinical engineers express that they feel underrepresented. Some ways we countered that were by establishing the American College of Clinical Engineering (; and reviving the IFMBE/CED ( After that, several people mentioned the need for a clinical engineering recognition/awards program…and now we have a program to do it Following that, others voiced their opinion about the lack of our field focused general conference…and now we have a very successful International Clinical Engineering and health technology Management Congress ( Last but not least, we have now also the newly created Global CE Journal

It is the duty of clinical engineers all over the world to improve patient care, and one effective way to move toward that goal is by publishing quality manuscripts that teach, increase the visibility, and contributions of our professional practice. A recent international survey by WHO suggests that there are more than 800,000 practitioners in our field. But where are the submissions?

Contrary to the Enigma machine, the Global Clinical Engineering Editorial Board and myself intend to initiate workshops and training to teach clinical engineers how to write papers that will be successfully reviewed and published – hopefully in our Global Clinical Engineering Journal. Let’s open up pathways to information, encourage authors to submit, and dissolve one of clinical engineering’s disreputable attributes: being fearful of publishing.

Help me to break that cycle by deciphering and sharing the knowledge our clinical engineers have to offer!

Dr. Yadin David

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