Egas Moniz Prize 2019 Awarded to Prof. Mario Forjaz Secca

CED is proud to announce that Professor Mario Forjaz Secca (IFMBE CED Collaborator) was awarded the Egas Moniz Prize this week by the Portuguese Society of Neuroradiology, a big step for Clinical Engineering worldwide!

The Egas Moniz Prize is a biennial prize of Neuroradiology, jointly attributed by the Portuguese Society of Neuroradiology, the Egas Moniz Museum House and the Portuguese College of Physicians to reward a career contribution to Neuroradiology in Portugal, in honour of Prof. Egas Moniz who invented the technique of Radiologic Angiography, still today of the utmost importance in Neuroradiology.

In 2019 the prize was awarded during the 70th-anniversary commemorations of the attribution of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology to Prof. Egas Moniz.

This year the choice was made unanimously by the directing bodies of SPNR and by the previous Presidents and the Prize was attributed to Prof. Mario Forjaz Secca in recognition of “the great scientific contribution he gave to Portuguese Neuroradiology for the past 25 years with a constant, consistent and high standard work, having worked many years in Health and Medicine and dedicated a lot of his time to others, in particular to those that need unselfish help more the patients.

IFMBE CED Egas Moniz Prize

For the first time, the Egas Moniz Prize contemplates someone that is not a medical doctor, being the first non-neuroradiologist Egas Moni to whom such a prize is awarded. And it is also a sign of the times that non-medical doctor professionals, in particular, Medical Physicists and Clinical Engineers, see their work and their importance recognized in the area of Medicine.

IFMBE CED Egas Moniz Prize II

IFMBE Clinical Engineering Division congratulates Prof. Mario Forjaz for this incredible milestone in Clinical Engineering and wishes him the best to continue pursuing more accomplishments in his career!

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