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Senior Research Associate in Deep Learning Position Available!

Our work demonstrated that Artificial Intelligence (well) applied to biomedical signals can improve the prevention, diagnosis, and management of congestive heart failure, hypertension, organ damage, and falls. We're looking for the very best to enhance our research team at Warwick University!

Our last paper publishes on Nature Magazine suggests that deep learning can be used to detect hypoglycemia without using needles and fingerpicks. We are now focusing also on how to use AI to optimize complex therapies.

We humbly work with an astonishing group of top scholars from different disciplines (biomedical engineering, computer science, math, physics, ethics, electronics, clinical medicine, epidemiology, health economy, philosophy…), because of the daily problems we face are complex and difficult, requiring multidisciplinary responses. We have teaching and research collaborations with all the continents because working together as peers are one of our values.

We work with hospitals, universities, research centers, NGOs, policymakers, and industries because we believe that nobody has all the necessary knowledge, but everyone has an indispensable part of it.

In our work, we focus on culture, not just science or technology, because we know that the sleep of reason produced monsters and we believe that only culture can awake awareness.

Our values guide our work because we believe that the way we do our job reflects who we are.

In order to translate this vision into our daily job, we need the best ones in our team. We seek competent women and men aiming at growing personally and professionally. We will do our best to support their growth while being with us, and to keep mentoring them when they will leave for their next adventure if they will ask us to do so.

Here the last position we opened in our group #AI #DeepLearning #UniversityOf Warwick: https://bit.ly/2RBbo6e

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